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Age Spots – Brown Spots

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Age Spots (Solar lentigines / liver spots) are a function of time and environment. Melanin is a dark pigment in the epidermis or top layer of the skin. This pigment protects the other layers of the skin from sun damage. Over time and with exposure to the sun, your skin increases production of melanin to protect itself; and as it does this, the uneven increase in melanin creates the dark spots on your skin.

Pigmentation_SS125124728Age spots are flat, oval spots – usually brown, but they can also be black and gray. They typically develop in older adults, and people with a fair complexion, but they be found on younger people and/or those with darker skin.  Age spots appear on the skin that is most exposed to the sun – backs of hands, tops of feet, face and forehead, shoulders and upper back.  Age spots range in size up to about 1 cm across, and can group together forming prominent clusters.

True age spots are harmless, however, as the skin pigment is located at the base of the epidermis (top skin layer), you can fade or remove them through cosmetic treatments.



The best way to prevent age spots and maintain your skin’s youthful appearance is to avoid the sun, particularly during the day, and to cover up and use sunscreen when outdoors.

For more information on Sun Safety, visit our Resources page.

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