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Are your eyelashes thinning as you get older? Eyelash hypotrichosis is a condition of inadequate or not enough eyelashes.  It is common and treatable.  If you’re tired of spending a fortune on thickening mascaras and false eyelashes, you’ve come to the right place.

The Winnipeg Derm Centre’s Eyelash Enhancement Treatment is a safe and effective solution for people with inadequate lashes. It is clinically proven to grow lashes with gradual and natural results.  Your lashes will be longer, fuller and darker over a period of about 4-8 weeks. Full results are usually visible after daily application for 16 weeks.

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Watch the instructional video above on how to use Latisse after you have had your consult with our office.

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The Derm Centre team of skin professionals can recommend a personalized skin care and treatment program that is medically-safe and clinically effective for you. At each consultation, we will:

  • Review your skin concerns and your medical/treatment history
  • Conduct a thorough examination of your skin
  • Explain any recommended treatments, frequency and costs
  • Review pre- and post treatment care instructions
  • Answer any questions you may have to ensure you are comfortable with your treatment options