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Hyperhidrosis – Sweating

SweatingHyperhidrosis is excessive sweating that occurs when the nerves responsible for triggering your sweat glands become overactive, causing you to sweat when it’s not needed. It usually occurs in the hands, feet and underarms, and rarely affects the whole body. Hyperhidrosis affects approximately 3% of the population – some 950,000 Canadians – of whom 300,000 have a severe form of the disorder.


  • BOTOX Cosmetic®
  • Topical Preparations:
    • Tannic acid. Steep 4 bags of tea, let it cool and then soak hands or feet in the cool solution.
    • AlCl (aluminum chloride). Drysol, Certain Dri, Perpire X, Hydrosal – are all available at the pharmacy, but they keep them behind the counter. Ask the pharmacist for them.
  • Oral Medications- Anticholinergics:
    • Glycopyrolate-Robinul, Avert: 1-2 mg tid prn
    • Oxybutynin- Ditropan: 5mg tid prn
    • Solifenacin- Vesicare: 5mg bid prn

Some find the side effects of these medications worse than the sweating . These include increased heart rate, dry mouth, constipation, bladder voiding changes, worsening of glaucoma, convulsions.

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