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Sun Damage

You can rejuvenate your skin with The Derm Centre’s skin rejuvenation treatments.  You deserve to look younger and healthier, and feel more confident in your own skin. 

Melanin-and-skin-colorMelanin is a dark pigment in the epidermis or top layer of the skin. This pigment protects the other layers of the skin from sun damage.   Over time and with exposure to the sun, your skin increases production of melanin to protect itself; and as it does this, the uneven increase in melanin creates the dark spots on your skin. The sun can also cause a permanent stretching (dilation) of small blood vessels, giving your skin a mottled, reddish appearance.

People with a dark complexion naturally have more protection than those with a lighter one, but they can still experience sun damage including irregular pigmentation and wrinkles.

The more common skin conditions that result from Sun Damage appear below, followed by The Derm Centre’s treatments to fade or remove them.

    • Age Spots (Brown Spots)
    • Melasma (Brown Patches on the face)
    • Solar elastosis: Ultraviolet radiation breaks down the connective tissue in the dermis (collagen and elastin fibers). Without the supportive connective tissue, the skin loses its strength and flexibility and you may see vertical creases, deep wrinkles, and sagging skin.
    • Poikiloderma (Irregular reddish-brown areas neck and chest).
    • Actinic or solar keratoses: Rough, scaly raised patches that range in color from flesh colored to dark pink or brown, commonly found on the face, ears, lower arms and hands of fair-skinned people. Untreated, actinic keratoses may progress to a type of skin cancer known as squamous cell carcinoma.


  • Lentigo maligna:  a growth on your face, hands or legs, which starts as a dark flat spot that slowly darkens and enlarges. Eventually the spot may develop into a melanoma, a type of skin cancer that begins in the top layer of skin and then invades the underlying skin layer. 



Brown Spots:

Red Spots, Broken Blood Vessels:

For more information on these conditions and Sun Safety, please visit our Resources page.

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The Derm Centre team of skin professionals can recommend a personalized skin care and treatment program that is medically-safe and clinically effective for you. At each consultation, we will:

  • Review your skin concerns and your medical/treatment history
  • Conduct a thorough examination of your skin
  • Explain any recommended treatments, frequency and costs
  • Review pre- and post treatment care instructions
  • Answer any questions you may have to ensure you are comfortable with your treatment options