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Veins – Spider Removal

Unsightly Spider Veins are just a zap away with laser treatments at The Derm Centre. Book your Appointment online now!

spider-veinsSpider Veins are small red, purple and blue vessels that twist and turn under the skin. They are easily visible, and often found on the face and legs. No one knows why some people develop Spider Veins and others do not. However, a number of factors predispose a person to Spider Veins including heredity, obesity, use of birth control, hormones, history of blood clots, and occupations that involve a lot of standing such as nurses, hair stylists, teachers and factory workers. Medical conditions such as Rosacea, liver disease and prolonged use of steroids, often make them more prominent. Age and sun damage can also play a role. Spider Veins also seem to appear more frequently in women than in men, and are particularly common in pregnant women and those taking oral contraceptives or hormone-replacement therapy.

Due to their similar appearance, Spider Veins are often mistaken for Varicose Veins. However, Spider Veins are smaller, and lie beneath the skin rather than protruding through it. This makes them natural candidates for laser treatment. Varicose veins are not treated at The Derm Centre. Please have your doctor refer you to a surgeon or a doctor who can perform sclerotherapy.

The Derm Centre Laser Treatments for Spider Veins:


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